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Mosque in the Foothills

Friday Congregational Prayers - Jummah

Kutbah begins at 1:30 PM.  When daylight saving time begins in November: Kutbah will start at 1:00 PM.

Everyone is welcome to join us at the Mosque.


Above: Edson Mosque Vice-President, Toufik Baterdouk.

Below: Edson Mosque Board Director, Jocelyn Pettitt.

Edson Mosque  In the Foothills 

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The overwhelming support the Edson Mosque is receiving from our Fellow Canadians is a true and sincere reflection of how Beautiful Canada is. All of us should feel honored and blessed to be living in a country that is so Awesome. For us who migrated to Canada; let us not forget to always be grateful and remind ourselves to "Pay it Forward".  One way we can do this is by supporting our Edson Food Bank. 






The Islamic Society of Edson. How the Masjid operates: No paid staff/no paid membership No funding from the Government or any outside source/country No debt Locally founded and administered Independent Masjid Mosque was built by local community